Tiled floors are very much common nowadays. Perhaps there’s no longer a home without tiles as the changing times has propelled most of us to keep up with the trend. The bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and other parts of the house might be tiled. What’s difficult is to keep them clean as they get dirty easily. Tile cleaning with your mere hands with the use of a brush and a solution perhaps will never be a complete makeover for your home. You need a specialist on this field in order to have a proper sanitation for your tiles.

There are some factors that you need to bear in mind when looking for the perfect cleaning service. Choosing the best is not just a matter of dialing a number from your phone directory or even an impulse when you’ve seen an ad on TV. You must have some conditions before getting into any service provider for your tile needs.

Some companies offer not just any concern with tiles but also with rug cleaning. This kind of cleaning service most probably offer great service deals. It will free people not only from the disgusting dirt of wall and floor tiles, but also from the stain, odor, and allergens from rugs. They might have been offering package deals where you can save some money.

When looking for the perfect match for your cleaning needs, you must first find out if the cleaning service provider offers other cleaning assistance like grout tile sealing, cleaning, grout restoring, and repairing of settlement cracks. The cleanliness of tiles doesn’t start and end with just the tiles alone. Molds and mildew build ups must be given a proper cleaning too. Tile cleaning must be implemented especially on the kitchen sink where foods are being prepared. Molds in grouts contain too many germs that may cause food contamination.

Mold-free bathroom principally defines the cleanliness of one’s home; thus making it also comfortable for their guests. Cleaning specialists must have all the necessary equipments for their cleaning tasks. Aside from the solutions, most cleaning specialists make use of steam cleaning process. Basically, this steaming doesn’t literally mean as it is.

Cleaning specialists would rather explain it as the process in which high pressure of water is continuously used and spurted onto the surface. Hot water is used to loosen dirt and molds. After steaming, the tiles will be wiped off. This process can do no harm with any kind of tile. This process is usually used in rug cleaning as well.

Another thing that you must look for in a cleaning specialist is that the service team must know how to handle different kinds of tiles. This will prove that they are indeed a good service provider. Tile and grout sealing is mostly recommended by cleaning services. It is important to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of both the tiles and the grout as the sealers provide added protection from stains and spills, thus keeping the tiles and grouts looking cleaner for a longer time.

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Dirty, moldy grout and tile isn’t something that anyone wants in their home. Unfortunately, grout and tile cleaning can be a difficult task – sometimes, it seems that no amount of scrubbing will get your tile sparkling. But with a little effort, you can get your grout and tile looking great. Here, a tile cleaning expert answers some of the most commonly asked questions about cleaning your tile.

1. Why should I get my grout and tile cleaned? Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons for cleaning your grout and tile, it’s also important to keep tile and grout clean because these areas can be a breeding ground for harmful microbes and pathogens. Grout, which is a porous material, can be especially problematic since it easily absorbs grease, oil, and other substances – which can contribute to poor indoor air quality.

2. How can I tell if my grout or tile needs cleaning? The first step in determining if you need grout or tile cleaning is a visual inspection. If the grout and tile looks dirty, it probably should be cleaned. Also try to compare the grout and tile in high-traffic areas to that in low-traffic areas. If the tile in high-traffic areas is dirtier and darker than other areas, it should be cleaned.

3. What should I do if my grout is moldy or mildewed? Moldy or mildewed grout can be very difficult to clean. While a good scrubbing with a household cleaner may remove mold on the surface of grout, often the mold is actually deeply embedded inside the grout. If the do-it-yourself grout and tile cleaning methods you’ve tried aren’t solving your mold problem, you may need to hire a professional cleaning service to resolve the issue.

4. Should I hire a professional grout and tile cleaning service? Whether you should hire a professional tile cleaning service depends on how dirty your tile and grout is. While manual cleaning may remove surface dirt, it can be next-to-impossible to remove more deeply embedded dirt and grime yourself. Tile cleaning experts use special equipment to deep-clean your tile and grout. Plus, after the cleaning is complete, most professional cleaners will apply a sealant to your tile and grout to make it easier to clean in the future.

5. Can a professional cleaning service make my tile look like new? That depends. While professional cleaning can produce impressive results, it’s not always possible to return tile to “like-new” condition. Old tile may have imperfections that are impossible to remove, and if you’ve neglected cleaning your tile and grout for a number of years, it may be more difficult to remove deeply embedded stains.

Most people are under the impression that building a house is a hard job but the truth is that maintaining a clean house is harder than building one. Tiles are often hard to clean and most of the products in the market don’t remove stains from tiles as well as they should. Cleaning services help people remove stubborn stains from them and the trained technicians also provide home owners with tips so that they can keep their tiles clean. This article will help you understand which cleaning service is right for your home.

Cleanings services that are offered by cleaning companies include cleaning of marble floors, cleaning of polished ceramic tiles, cleaning of unpolished ceramic tiles, cleaning of brick tiles and cleaning of grout. Depending on their type you have the technician may use mild acids to powerful acids to clean your tiles. Since some of them cannot be cleaned with acids the technician will use alternate materials to clean these tiles.

The type of damage done to the tiles will also determine which material is used to clean the tiles. Basic cleaning services remove stains that have not affected the floor drastically but extensive cleaning services remove stains that cannot be removed without otherwise replacing the tile.Those having mildew and mold damage are often cleaned using powerful materials since mold and mildew spores are hard to kill.

Tile sealing services are also offered by many repair companies. This service consists of using sealants to repair leaky floors. The type of sealant used will depend on the type of floor you have. For instance granite floors require a different sealant than grout floors and the cost for sealing granite floors is more than the cost for sealing grout floors.

Repair services are meant for people who have tiles that are damaged or badly stained. These services are more extensive than regular cleaning and strong materials are used to repair them. Some of the types of tile repairing services include replacement of broken tiles, removal of water stains, replacement of wall boards and replacement of chipped tiles. Some cleaners also repair tiles that have been discolored due to regular wear and tear.

The cleaning service you choose will depend primarily on the type of tiles you have since there are specific cleaning methods for each type of tile. After they have been cleaned the technician will give you tips so that you can keep your tiles clean till when the next cleaning is due.

The price charged for such cleaning services is generally calculated per foot of tile. The type of tile and the type of cleaning or repair method chosen will also affect the total cost. Many tile cleaners offer discounts to customers who opt for more than 2 services and these companies also provide periodic discounts and promotions.

For those who have the time and know what they are doing, cleaning grout is a task that can be accomplished on your own, but many times hiring a contractor that specializes in professional grout and tile cleaning service can be simpler and less time consuming in the long run. A professional grout and tile cleaning service can get the same grout cleaning job done in less time and save you the extra energy and hassle, while also greatly reducing your own risk of personal injury. Although the cost of hiring a professional grout and tile cleaning service can be a bit higher than doing the grout cleaning job yourself, the amount of tie and frustration that you save yourself can be worth the added expense in the long run. A professional grout and tile cleaning service will have access to a lot of grout cleaners and grout cleaning tools that are not readily available to the average consumer that often do a much better job of getting your tile and grout clean.

In many locales, a carpet cleaning company will also provide a professional grout and tile cleaning service in addition to their other floor cleaning services. These service technicians usually have high powered pressure washers that also feature a hot water rinse along with a higher rate of suction that ensure that your tile and grout is cleaner than ever before and that no harmful residue or excess debris is left behind. Also, professional grout and tile cleaning service agencies use professional strength grout and tile cleaners that many times are not for sale to the general public. These chemicals allow for a much deeper clean than could ever be accomplished using other methods. However, if you are one of those people who prefer to avoid the use of harsh chemicals, there are also a number of professional tile and grout cleaning service providers who are willing to simply use professional grade steam cleaners alone. Although it is a safer alternative, steam cleaning alone is not always the best option for tile and grout that is deeply stained.

Due to the fact that professional tile and grout cleaning service companies perform this task many times, grout cleaning can be accomplished in much less time than if you were to attempt to tackle this chore by yourself. In addition, the high quality, professional equipment that is available to these kinds of technicians is specifically designed to be much more efficient and can save even more time. Opting to supervise a professional grout and tile cleaning service that comes into your home can take considerably less timeout of your day than performing the grout cleaning task yourself, and save you a lot of headache and frustration as well.

The risk of injury posed by cleaning grout yourself and spending a great deal of time on your hands and knees means that many times after cleaning your grout, you are unable to enjoy the fruits of your labor due to back pain or knee sprain. Professional grout and tile cleaning service technicians have been trained to work smarter, not necessarily harder, and employing the use of equipment to aid them in grout and tile cleaning helps make that possible.

If you are one who feels that the expense of hiring a professional grout and tile cleaning service on a regular basis is too great, then consider a compromise. There are many who opt to only call upon a professional grout and tile cleaning service either once a year or once every other year, whenever they also get their carpets cleaned. You can then do regular preventive maintenance and grout cleaning on your own throughout the year. Occasionally paying a professional grout and tile cleaning service can be rewarding if you follow a good maintenance regimen throughout the rest of the year. Routine maintenance means that the overall job of cleaning your grout in the long run is not as difficult. However, if you do find that stains have set in and dirt and bacteria becomes resistant to your regular cleaning methods, it may be time to call on a professional grout and tile cleaning service.

Every home owner nurtures a heart-felt wish of adding style to his home without compromising on comfort and to this effect tiles are an alternative worth considering. In fact experienced home owners regard tiles as being better flooring option than carpets owing to the class and sophistication that they lend to the interior of any premise. Maybe carpets add a soft touch to your floor but tiles provide versatility that cannot be matched by any other option.

Exhilarating that it is to step on to a newly tiled floor, the feeling is soon replaced by that of dejection when you notice the first cracks, chipped portions and the dark lining of the grout courtesy of having gathered plenty of dirt and grime. Deterioration suffered by tiles owing to daily usage is manifested in multiple ways, the most common being a layer of dirt and stains on the surface, not to mention the deposit in the grout.

How much ever you scrub your tiles, acquiring that new look once again seems virtually impossible unless you hire a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Because maintenance of tiles is a task which is easier said than done, the option of hiring a service provider must be considered owing to the following reasons –

Elimination of micro-organisms – Unknown to you, it is matter of time before grout is teeming with millions of micro-organisms, namely colonies of bacteria, mold, mildew and so on. Owing to their microscopic nature, these are seldom eliminated completely during normal household cleaning. In comparison, a professional service provider is more successful in flushing them out completely and sterilizing the surface courtesy of using strong cleaning agents.

Training – Because personnel of a specialized tile and grout cleaning service are required by law to undergo proper training protocol, it is but natural for them not to damage tile and grout during cleaning. Another advantage of training is the knowledge of how to handle the various types of tiles like granite, stone, porcelain and so on in terms of using an appropriate cleaning agent and applying a suitable technique.

Deep cleaning – By entrusting the task of tile and grout cleaning to a professional service provider, you can rest assured that the degree of cleanliness would be much higher than that achieved through personal effort. In addition to using a combination of cleaning agents and scrubbers to remove the dirt and grime, professional cleaners would also apply a protector that would preserve the clean and shiny surface of the tile and seal the grout.

Effective in terms of time and cost – Rather than spend time and money in planning the entire operation and buying various cleaning agents and equipment, hiring a service provider would be a much wiser investment. Not only would it save you time but also the expenditure not to mention the high standard of cleaning which befits a professional service.

Prolongs life-span – All you need to do is to summon the professional service to your home for tile and grout cleaning once every quarter or maybe once in six months. The deep cleaning that occurs without damaging the surface in any way would ensure that your tiles look good and your grout remains healthy and free from germs for a long time.

Revitalizes your floor – Courtesy of their expertise, professional cleaners use a variety of techniques like steam cleaning, spot removal, stain treatment and so on to remove the grease, grime and dirt that might have formed a layer over your tiles. Subsequent to having been cleaned, your tiles will have acquired a fresh look and the grout will have been rid of all the accumulated dirt and appear resplendent and rejuvenated.

Having made up your mind about hiring a tile and grout cleaning service provider after taking stock of the multiple benefits, it is time to learn how to go about identifying a suitable service provider. To this effect, a time-tested method entails asking plenty of questions about the various aspects like –

How experienced is the service provider in handling tile and grout cleaning? Which type of tiles does it handle?

Preference should be given to service providers who boast of extensive experience in tile and grout cleaning. Vast experience implies that the service provider would be aware of the nuances involved and also bear in mind the nitty-gritty pertaining to the procedure, thus relieving you of the burden of constant supervision.

Making specific inquiries as regards the types of tiles handled by him would provide you with an insight into his area of expertise. Based on the reply, you can then judge whether or not the service provider would be perfect to clean tile and grout in your home.

Is the service provider certified and licensed?

When it comes to license and certification, a word of caution is that rather than take their word at face-value you must insist on checking the license/certificate. While checking you must also note the regulatory authority that has granted the certificate and ensure that it is recognized by the state.

Ignoring this step would mean that the contractor cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs during cleaning process and you will have to bear the cost of repair. On the flip side, making inquiries beforehand will cushion you against unpleasant surprises in the later stages when the contract is in its concluding phase.

What is the modus operandi used for tile and grout cleaning?

In the absence of one-formula-fits-all solution, a good service provider would rely on a combination of techniques to clean your tile and grout thoroughly. Likewise, length of the procedure would also depend on the type of dirt being handled since this would determine the duration of pre-treatment, time spent on spot cleaning and so on.

At this point, the onus is on you to inquire whether the service provider would seal the grout after cleaning and whether the cleaning agents used are eco-friendly or chemical based.

Are you planning to lay tiles in a bathroom? Besides the tiles themselves, it’s also crucial that you have the right tools. Here are some of the most significant ones:

1. Grout Float

This tool contains a piece of metal that’s rectangular and flat. It also includes a handle on top. The Grout Float is used during one of the last steps of installing tiles. When installing tiles, it’s advisable that you use a rubber Grout Float.

2. Putty Knife

This instrument is used for a variety of DIY jobs, such as laying bathroom tiles. It’s also referred to as a taping knife. Putty knives are available in different thicknesses. Their thicknesses make them ideal for either scraping or spreading. Another factor to consider when choosing a Putty Knife is how wide the knife is.

3. Pry Bar

This is a basic metal bar used, as you might guess, to create leverage on different items. It’s instrumental when you need a tool to remove tiles from a bathroom floor. Typically a Pry Bar is made using either steel or titanium.

4. Tile Saw

This tool is used to cut tiles so they’ll be the exact shape that you need. They’re available in manual and powered versions. If you want to save money then you should consider a manual Tile Saw. These are also available in different grades, so it’s crucial to determine which one would be proper for your laying of bathroom tiles.

5. Trowel

This is a hand tool that’s instrumental for various tasks, such as laying bathroom tiles. While there are gardening trowels, you’ll need to use a bricklayer’s trowel. The latter is also known as a pointing trowel. The tool has a blade that’s flat and metal, and a handle. Trowels are used for leveling and spreading materials such as plaster, mortar, and cement.

It’s also important to note that all of these tools are available in different grades. So if you might use the materials for multiple DIY jobs, then consider buying a higher grade. If you do several DIY projects around the house then it might be worthwhile investing in high-end tools.

Enduring, long lasting and strong are just some of the words used to describe tile floors. The art of putting the tile where you want it and having it look as you imagined is also hard, time consuming, sometimes wasteful and can really give you major headaches.

The availability of so many different types of stone and tile, make the urge to do it yourself even more tempting. The thought process usually starts with something like “I can buy a fancier tile if I do it myself.” Take heed and read carefully. It is not as easy as it sounds. There are quite a few problems that can arise and consequently cost you more money than actually hiring a professional.

Learning to properly cut your tiles will save you a lot of grief. It is a slow job and must be done carefully. It is necessary to use a light touch and go slowly until you have the technique perfected.

Using the proper tools for the job is a must. It doesn’t matter if the tile will be a backsplash, floor or wall, the technique for cutting is the same. Using the wrong tools will cause breakage, uneven cuts and a multitude of other problems.

First of all you will need a tile cutter. Ceramic tile cutters are widely available in home improvement stores and hardware stores. There are also places that will rent them. If you have a large job and need a professional grade tile cutter, plan on spending upwards of $500 if you choose not to rent one.

You will also need a hacksaw. While a regular hacksaw may work, you will have to change the blade to a carbide-tipped blade. These too are available at hardware and home improvement stores. There are two different types of blades available. The flat blade is good for cutting your straight lines in the tile, but not curves. You will need a rod blade for curves.

A power drill will be necessary as will. You will need a carbide tipped drill bit for any ceramic tile. Using the same type bit that you would use with wood will not do. They are not strong enough. It can also cause marring or cracking and subsequent waste of the tile.

What happens if you don’t grout properly?

Grouting properly is more than just slapping some grout on the surface and laying the tile on it. Incorrectly done, it will have to be removed and redone. This can often cause more tiles to break. Then the added expense of buying more grout and redoing the entire job.

All of this can be extremely time consuming and very frustrating. By the time you purchase your tiles, your grout, your tools and take a day or two off from work, you could have it done by a professional and be walking on it within no time. Less waste of tiles, less time accomplishing the task and not having to buy the tools are all money saving ideas. Although the experienced do it yourself weekender may sail through the process, less skilled individuals may find it beneficial to call in the experts.

One of the most fundamental elements of any good drainage system for protecting your home’s foundation walls from water damage are footer drains, which act as conduits to move excess groundwater away from your basement. Footer drains are not a new modern concept, and have been around for many years. Still, the materials used to construct drains today are superior to those used years ago, which deteriorate and become ineffective over the years. Traditionally, basement waterproofing footer drains were made using clay tile, which worked well at the time. But if your house is several decades old, these clay footer tiles may be losing their effectiveness.

The problem with clay tile pipes and drains is that they can deteriorate over time, and develop cracks, breaks and slips that allows sediment and tree roots into the system. When enough roots and dirt have clogged a clay drain, it can become completely blocked and no longer allow the conveyance of water out away from your foundation. And if this happens, it’s only a matter of time until excess groundwater builds up around your basement walls and begins to cause problems like water damage, mold, mildew, cracking and leaking. Any of these can end up being much more expensive to fix than simply fixing your current clay footer drain tiles.

That’s not to suggest that you will necessarily have to replace your clay drains with modern PVC pipe drains in order to solve your basement waterproofing problem. on the contrary, in many cases your clay drains can be serviced by simply tapping into one corner of the drainage system and cleaning the drain itself. This is possible with either a drain snake auger or a high-pressure water jetting system, which can blast obstructions out of the drain and allow water to flow freely through it again.

If, however, your clay footer tiles are severely cracked, broken or slipped out of place, it may be necessary to replace some or all of your foundation drainage system. This can involve an extensive amount of work, since a complete excavation of your foundation is necessary to reach the footer drains themselves. And if your basement walls have been significantly damaged by hydrostatic pressure already, it may be necessary to also replace the blocks themselves, as well. As you can tell, it’s better to service your existing clay footer to work properly before the damage becomes irreversible.

The advantage of having modern, perforated PVC pipe footer drains is that the materials are vastly more durable than clay and last longer without the need to clean them out as often. While newly constructed homes are now built using modern drainage materials, older homes that were built before PVC pipe may have to be serviced more often to ensure that there is no flooding or water damage in your basement. By having your clay footer drain tiles serviced regularly by professional drain cleaners, you can ensure that costly water damage and flooding issues won’t be in your future.

If you can imagine the appearance of fractal or mosaic screensavers, symmetrical, aperiodic or geometric desktop wallpapers, then you can appreciate a tessellation. It is often utilized for computer graphics and digital art. By textbook definition, a tessellation is a bunch of figures that, just like a jig-saw puzzle, can wholly inhabit a plane with no overlapping or void. In tiling, it is any repetitive and systematized pattern. With tessellated floor tiles, for example, the pieces come in all hues, sizes and shapes, be they polygonal or irregular, but are able to fit together to fill up the target surface.

Wet exteriors, and some dry interiors, are the most frequent locations of tessellated floor tiles. The balcony, swimming pool, toilet, bathroom, patio and garage are some of these, built with materials from ceramic to concrete and clay. Tessellated tiles made with cork or linoleum can be seen used for indoor floors like in living rooms, and similar patterns are used for vinyl floors and carpets. A popular form these days is made up of interlocking floor tiles constructed from cork, further supplied with loose tiles for bordering that is fashioned after Persian carpeting and rugs. They may come in DIY packages and can be stapled or attached to floors.

You might be reminded by a tessellation of old-school architectural style, like heritage and period motifs, due to its decorative complexity. Indeed, it is reminiscent of the 1930Õs moderne era characterized by vintage Hollywood with its geometric and sunburst themes in glassy and chrome finishes. It even fits naturally as period reproduction of the elaborate Victorian age frills of the 1830Õs to 1900Õs. Central tiles can also be enhanced with the aid of coving tiles, borders, step treads, panels and encaustics. And because it can be knotty assembling a whole pattern, seeking a proper tiling service may be the smarter move.

Tessellated floor tiles are not all quadrilateral, such as squares and rectangles, but can have round or even odd figures, as many modern products do. Many of them take after established patterns in nature, like honeycombs, or which are man-made, like quilting and triangle-point fabric. The wallpaper group of 17 2D patterns, which can all be seen in Granada, Spain in the Alhambra palace, are more examples. The tessellation drawings of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, mostly from 1937 to 1958, are further a great influence for having progressed from something abstract to concrete such as bird and reptile forms.

Ceramic tile is actually created from a method that is almost as old as civilization. One time just employed for pottery, ceramics turn out to be employed for everything from containers to silverware to semi-conductors. Produced from slabs of clay which are kiln fired to make their tough, durable outside, ceramic tiles are just about the most preferred, durable, and flexible kinds of tiling items.

Remember that appropriately set up ceramic tiles can actually last the whole lifetime of a building. You could choose a change of scenery after 75 years approximately, but still, the tile alone will not let you down.

The particular tile manufacturing procedure infuses dyes along with other coloring with its natural, earthy color to supply buyers with practically any color tile you can possibly imagine. Ceramic tiles will exceed almost every other material when it comes to color choices, and depending on the manufacturer you pick, you may also have customized colors made. This really is something that is hard for stone, and, in some instances, porcelain to compete with.

Because this kind of tile is principally made up of earthen and domestic and industrial building materials, it usually has a competitive price primarily because it can be produced at scale. In case you are looking for a cheap, durable product with numerous alternatives, look no further since ceramic tile is it.

Now that you’ve been in love with ceramic as a material, you’ll want to learn about your choices. In general tile installation you will find five, but if we are simply exploring the un-installed material, there are just three: size, shape, and finish.

With regards to finish, glazed ceramic tiles include hard, smooth surfaces that refrain from water as well as stains. The glaze is really as the term indicates, and therefore you will see a polished shine to the tile. At times this won’t fit the house owner who wants something old-fashioned and ancient. Nevertheless, for the Tuscan style kitchen or in case you want their lively tiles to be more colorful, glazed ceramic tiles are capable of doing just the trick.

Ceramic tile can be found in just about any shape you desire. In case you are considering a specific pattern, you better seek advice from a tile service provider to make sure that whatever you have drafted in your own home can actually be made to suit that design. From brick form to subway tile to common square, this really is an alternative.